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We help others achieve better HEALTH, WEALTH, and HAPPINESS.



John presents Happiness Advantage book  before Rich’s talk to IC.

Financial Planning


1/3. Diversification

If you are healthy and willing to work hard to succeed, think diversification. Make it fun, with family involvement and no risk.

2/3. Rules of Retirement 

You have to rely on yourself if you want to retire comfortably. Think lifetime income planning.

3/3. Risks

The interest on our rapidly rising Federal Government debt will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren. At great sacrifice.



Meet John & Pat



John Clark Vaughan, III and his wife, Pat, have built a successful business, Vaughan International LLC, for over 40 years. Their expertise is helping others develop ongoing income. Their focus is on health, wealth, and happiness; helping thousands of associates in thirty countries – from Switzerland to China.

They started their business part time when John was active duty Air Force. He holds degrees from Virginia Tech, the Air Force Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. from Purdue University. He was a career military officer and worked for NASA and as a consultant for Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress. During his engineering career, Dr. Vaughan’s original research was published in more than 20 publications of AIAA, SAE, NASA and several research laboratories.

Pat is a graduate of the University of Michigan. She taught middle school in Virginia and Ohio and holds a Master’s in Education from Purdue.  John and Pat live in Williamsburg, Virginia and on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They have four children and seven grandchildren.



Pat and John are the most positive, inspiring, prayerful and appreciative people we know who rejoice in life and live it out to the fullest absolutely touching all those in their path and leaving their joy in them.  Nia and Luis, IBOs – U.S. 



Thank you very much for sharing the business with us so that we can all lead better lives. Our brothers and sisters have spread all over the world today. Family happiness! Jiang Hongjie, Gregory Huang, & Tan Longwen, Diamond & Partners – China



We are very grateful for what John did for our family by teaching us the business. We feel his affection and good will and he is reciprocated. I toast with you for life. We love you. Hortensia and family, Emeralds - Mexico 


 We have lost some special friends along the way. We will always remember them.